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Live must live on.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

A statement of intent.

COVID-19 has devastated the XP industry.

Hybrid-digital experiences may have become viable alternatives. But only out of necessity.

Tangible experiences remain the default setting for the human condition.

They must live on.

Lives and livelihoods depend on them.

Countless more live for them.

As seekers, we crave the escape.

As custodians, we relish the challenge.

As people, we need the closeness.

So live must live on.

Exactly how & in what form isn't yet clear.

What is, is that XP will need to be different.

Field of Dreams thinking is a thing of the past.

Brands and agencies will need to think more contained and more local.

And not only for health and safety reasons.

Trust will need to be fundamental to the idea & the design.

But what poses a challenge of scale, presents an opportunity to rekindle.

One that we will do everything we can to make real.

Alongside partners, brands and agencies.

Because live must live on.

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