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What makes successful XP design?

Fable XP and spatial design lead, Thalia Olckers, walks us through the trinity of design thinking that goes into her design process.

Design purposefully

Ask yourself: Why should this experience space exist? What does it do or enable that’s meaningful and worthwhile? The better you are able to answer these questions, the clearer and more focused your design will be. Think beyond what the space is. Think what it represents.

With Rodin, the product needed to be tastefully integrated into the influencer’s space, taking inspiration from a recent photo shoot in Spain where light and shadow offset green countryside.

Inspire intent

Accept that there are going to be parts - both big and small - of the design that have been done before. But allow that to influence where the design process leads you. Let it enable you. Don’t be afraid to draw on your past & personal experiences either. Truth is a powerful and intentional thing.

With bh cosmetics, each product vignette had to pay homage to the location that inspired its colour palette. Here, we combined decorative pieces & accessible textures to create Switzerland.

Leave nothing behind

Great experiences are defined by how well spaces flow, how well they function and how well their aesthetics come together under the right conditions. It’s a continuum, carefully considered throughout from the brief to the implementation - from the start all the way to the very end.

With bh cosmetics, the product vignette design had to be focused so that each location could be clear and accessible. Whereas Switzerland was cold, Tokyo needed to be electric and bold.

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