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XP Roundup: August

Every month we’re highlighting a handful of BX and XP pieces from around the world that have both caught our eye - and our attention. #wishididthat #xpenvy

1. Your Ex is Cancelled. Bumble & Babe Wine’s moving company.

What it is: Dating app, Bumble, partnered with wine-in-a-can company, Babe, to create its own moving service for those caught in especially awkward and messy break-ups over Covid.

Why we like it: This is an idea that's so good, it hurts. And at the heart of it is something uniquely powerful (which we’ll be exploring in a follow-up) - ‘the brand gesture’. Going beyond mere tactile XP to do something of significance. Here, taking care of a messy part of a messy thing at the worst time. Bravo.

2. Heineken 0 Stadium in a Box.

What it is: Heineken 0, in partnership with the MLS, literally brought the stadium experience to fans with its Stadium in a Box. It included stadium food, a custom fridge and seating.

Why we like it: Here, it's about being the enabler. A brand using its means to bring to the consumer not only something that’s important to them in a time when they can’t access it - but in a way that they couldn’t possibly pull off on their own.

3. Blue Bunny's Ice Screen Truck

What it is: Funlightenment ice cream brand, Blue Bunny, took their famous trucks on the road for summer with a notable upgrade: An 11 x 6-foot screen for pop-up neighbourhood screenings.

Why we like it: Taking the XP to the consumer, and engaging them in their world. Especially in a time of drive-in revival. Screenings can be small, cozy and safe in safe-conscious times. Very smart.

4. Blockbuster ‘90s Airbnb

What it is: Blockbuster, in partnership with Airbnb, turned its last remaining physical store into a listing for the ultimate ‘90s-themed sleepover.

Why we like it: Really smart way to repurpose physical space. Nostalgia is also always a sure-fire winner. The sofa-bed, retro snacks and cult VHS titles are thoughtful plus-ups.

5. Selfridges Repairs Concierge

What it is: As part of an ambitious sustainability drive, Selfridges launched The Repairs Concierge to help make customers’ ‘love-worn purchases as good as new’.

Why we like it: A very refreshing take on sustainability. Virtual consultation added a smart dimension in the age of Covid. The charming design doesn’t hurt either.

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